Markus Åkesson


Now you see me, 2018, Markus Åkesson, 180x140cm, oil on canvas

No one can see you (Dysmorphia I), 2017, 50x60cm, Oil on canvas, Markus Åkesson



Now You See Me (Opium), 2018, 180×140 cm, oil on canvas, Markus Åkesson





I Never Wanted You to Leave, 210×180 cm, Oil on canvas 2016



The unicorn hunt, 2017, 145x100cm

Sleepwalker, 2016, 100x145cm

Sleepwalker, detail,  2016, 100x145cm


Sleepwalker,detail, 2016, 100x145cm




Sleepwalker, 2015, 100x120cm





The Room of Life and Death, 2013, 110×200 cm


The Woods (New Vision), 2014, 100×120 cm



Girl with an enamel tounge, 2014, Markus Åkesson, 100x150cm, oil on canvas, Foundation Francés