Markus Åkesson


Galerie Da-End, Paris, 19 MARS  – 30 APRIL 2016


César Bardoux, Franz von Bayros, Hans Bellmer, Philippe Bréson, Arthur Bouet, Marion Catusse, Mr Djub, Ellen Ehk, Lucy Glendinning, Apolline Grivelet, Sarah Jérôme, Balata & Jullien, Kun Kang, Magali Lambert, Mirka Lugosi, Mike MacKeldey, Eudes Menichetti, Pierre Molinier, Daido Moriyama, Nieto, Claire Partington, Simon Pasieka, Léopold Rabus, Till Rabus, Félix de Recondo, Benjamin Renoux, Cendrine Rovini, Toshio Saeki, Satoshi Saïkusa, Carolein Smit, Nicolas Tolmachev, Paul Toupet & Edwart Vignot.


Your heart is safe with me, 2016, Markus Åkesson, 24x42cm, oil on canvas

Your heart is safe with me, 2016, Markus Åkesson, 24x42cm, oil on canvas


This spring, the Galerie Da-End presents its sixth contemporary cabinet of curiosities and entrusts about thirty artists with the irresistible yet uneasy task to translate the natural inclination of Love in every possible way.

A driving sentiment for some, irrational instinct or perilous affliction for others, the notion of «Love» embraces a multitude of antagonistic positions per se. The tenderness of a parent holding his child, the fervor of the believer defending his idols, the nervousness of lovers about to meet, the pride of the patriot willing to sacrifice for his country, that of the idealist for his convictions, the burgeoning desire of early romantic exchanges, the passionate delirium of an erotomaniac person, the excitement of the collector adding a new piece to his private museum, the distress caused by a lost love, the madness of the jealous ready to kill to avenge a real or imagined offense : the faces that Love takes on are resolutely various.

17 rue Guénégaud
75006 PARIS